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Summer Season



New cards are been added to the greetings cards collection, with nearly twenty five more on their way to be proofed prior to release, including a new traditional format. These will make it possible for me to add images which simply can not be cropped to the square or letterbox format. So some old favourites will be appearing! 
If something is listed as been out of stock, send me a chat message about what you are looking for. At this busy time of year, i find it hard to spend time updating the website on stock

*New work is now being added to the website.

*New Greetings cards. See my Instagram page for new releases and ones that are in the proofing stage.

*New Images are being selected ready for a Spring/Summer launch.



Sorry These are still on hold.


I have now sourced a quality jigsaw producer and as soon as development funds allow, I shall be selecting my first image to go into production with.

These will be a 1000 piece jigsaw instead of the previously planned 300 piece due to numerous requests. Due to my style of photography and subject matter, these will not be easy jigsaws :0) (I cannot bring myself to do generic views of places, just so it makes an easy jigsaw subject! So it will be a case of if you are up for a challenge!)

All that's stopping me at the moment is funding for this product outlet.

Camera gear / Mount cutter - so much needs replacing and upgrading.

Ongoing changes

In these very challenging times I am presently still running the business from home, luckily this year even more shows were possible, but even now there were still one or two events cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: Next year I shall be attending more country shows and local events close to Harrogate (White Rose Artists etc.) due to spiralling costs of big events and materials in these uncertain times.

Although it's still not yet fully populated, I will be adding to the site all the time when I have time.

Sadly the pro printing lab I use has ceased trading (I have been using them for nearly twenty years. This is very sad as they were a great team and I couldn't fault their quality of work. So I am presently hunting around for a replacement printers, meaning some services may be delayed.

You are welcome to contact me and enquire about something, which I can prepare whilst in any down time. (I may have images in stock but not pressed and mounted up, so just ask.)

(Website: My original site created back in 2005/06 is definitely showing it's age and is really difficult to update (Code driven) hence I have not added to it for quite a while. It's purely a point of reference, and I am planning to clear them this month. Leaving it as a link to this site.) 

Along with the website I have recently expanded my equipment range, making it possible for me to add numerous new products to the collection... These will be added to this site, as and when they become available.

Huge thank you to all those customers who support small local businesses. 

2023 Programme of Shows and Exhibitions. Dates, times and locations..


Images taken whilst out and about scouting for locations and subjects

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