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Winter Season



Finally prints added to the collection!
This will be an ongoing process over the next few months.

For a few weeks I have a framed print Sale on at Palm Court Cafe which is above Farrah's sweet shop in Harrogate near the Crown Hotel.

After numerous requests Greetings cards are due to return to this venue too - I will let you know when they are back in stock there.

*New work is now being added to the website.

*New Greetings cards due to be released any day.

*New Images are being selected ready for a spring launch, when shows recommence in April.



I have now sourced a quality jigsaw producer and as soon as development funds allow, I shall be selecting my first image to go into production with.

These will be a 1000 piece jigsaw instead of the previously planned 300 piece due to numerous requests. Due to my style of photography and subject matter, these will not be easy jigsaws :0) (I cannot bring myself to do generic views of places, just so it makes an easy jigsaw subject! So it will be a case of if you are up for a challenge!)

All that's stopping me at the moment is funding for this product outlet.

Camera gear / Printer / Mount cutter - so much needs replacing and upgrading.

Flying Solo from home

In these very challenging times I am presently still running the business from home, luckily this year more shows were possible, although there were still a few events cancelled or changed such as Harrogate Christmas Market. Which was too pricey for me to attend this year with the chosen alternative organiser. (This show alone normally carried me through the quiet months of Jan/Feb/March before the season kicks off again.)

Although not yet fully populated, I will be adding to the site all the time.

The pro lab I use, is open again for business, although they have cut down their days.

You are welcome to contact me and enquire about something, which I can prepare whilst in any down time. (I may have images in stock but not pressed and mounted up, so just ask.)

On a lighter note with the extra free time I now have, has made it possible for me to create a new website. Something which I have been wanting to do for the past three or four years! 

My original site created back in 2005/06 is definitely showing it's age and is really difficult to update (Code driven) hence I have not added to it for quite a while.


Please note as soon as this site is updated with my 12"x10" / 50cm x 23cm Landscape range / 50cm x 40cm / 76cm x 37cm & 70cm x 50cm ranges.

www.vivephoto.co.uk will be cleared and discontinued - running only as a link to this site until the sites annual hosting contract runs out.

Along with the website I have recently expanded my equipment range, making it possible for me to add numerous new products to the collection... These will be added to this site, as and when they become available.

Stay safe and please support local small businesses. 

2022 Programme of Shows and Exhibitions. Dates, times and locations..


Images taken whilst out and about scouting for locations and subjects