Snow Flurry - The Stray, Harrogate


Taken at one of my favourite viewpoints in Harrogate, I have used for the past few decades.

On this particular shot the snow was coming down hard, making it quite a challenge to keep the camera gear clear of snow. Especially when the snow was blowing towards and across me.

Plus the fact I was beginning to look like a snowman myself!


It really was a waiting game, as I don't use extras in my shots and prefer to shoot in a more natural way. So it was a case of waiting for people to come along and the light to be right. Personally I think this gives a more natural look rather than it been posed or staged.

This particular shot is one of my favourites partly due the effort involved in capturing it, but also the final outcome. I find the figures (especially the one on the right) have a "L.S.Lowry" look to them, with the stance captured at that moment in time and also that muted subtle hint of colour from their clothing. 


Roll on winter! But perhaps I need to buy some protective gear in preperation for the camera, as I don't presently work with high end weather sealed equipment. (Some day!)


This is for the full frame image, a "Letterbox" crop version is available elsewhere on this site.


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12" x 10" (30.5cm x 25.5cm) image is 9"x6" minus a little for mount overlap

50cm x 40cm*

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Framed versions of these are available by contacting me direct (These are not listed on the website as they are too big to post - collection only and in some cases delivered depending upon locality)

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Snow Flurry