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Whitby Abbey at Sunset :


Taken one evening later on in the year after a show in Whitby. On this particular evening I was experimenting with long exposures and star trails up at the abbey. Fighting against random torch lights and aircraft criss crossing the scene, I persevered and came up with this shot. The Aurora glow on the horizon was also a nice bonus :o)


Having done this shot, I have been inspired to do a series of shots based on this theme (Locations / Star Trails / Night skies) in the coming year. Using different techniques, hopefully making my mission a little easier. Watch this space.


40cm x 40cm / 16" x 16"

(The print* is 10" x 10", which is slightly overlapped by the mount. *Heat pressed - Stay flat print)


Available mounted in White or Textured off white mount.

Whitby Abbey -Star Trails & Shooting Star


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